Bordeaux is a very popular city for tourism, however, for people with disabilities it can be difficult to access tourism in general. Fortunately, in recent years, the city has made significant progress in improving accessibility for people with reduced mobility, the visually and hearing impaired, and other disabilities. One of the most promising developments in this regard is the emergence of association tourism in Bordeaux.

This is why Bordeaux City Tours has chosen to contribute to facilitating the accessibility of tourism for disabled people by obtaining the “Tourism and Handicap” label.

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Tourism & Handicap (T&H) is the only state mark awarded to tourism professionals who are committed to a quality approach focused on accessibility to leisure and vacations for all.

T&H is a mark that identifies establishments that meet the specific needs of tourists with disabilities, whether they are hearing, mental, motor or visual. Not all disabilities are visible, it is necessary to be aware of the difficulties that people may face when traveling. Some may require a wheelchair, while others may need audio descriptions or sign language interpreters. Bordeaux City Tours received this label in October 2022 for motor and hearing disabilities.

This approach is part of the CSR approach, more globally deployed within the company. Companies can have a positive impact by using this contribution to promote important social causes, such as disability. They donate their time, money or resources to help non-profit organizations and community projects. The goal is to make our tours accessible to all types of disabilities and in the near future to obtain the label for mental and visual disabilities.

For people with motor disabilities, the double decker buses “Bordeaux Visiotour” :

  • have a dedicated access ramp
  • have a specific PMR (Person with Reduced Mobility) seat

For people with a hearing disability:

  • the Kiosk (our point of sale located on the Allées Tourny) is equipped with a magnetic loop that amplifies the sound
  • for the “Bordeaux Visiotour” tour, we provide a written tour guide
    which compiles the audio comments proposed

Thanks to the “Bordeaux Visiotour” buses, the guided tours through the city of Bordeaux are much easier and more attractive. You will be able to discover the most beautiful sites of the city and take advantage of the benefits offered by Bordeaux City Tours, by adapting to your disability. Bordeaux Visitour Buses and the Tourism and Disability Association have worked together to ensure that all tourists can enjoy the beauty of Bordeaux.

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Bordeaux is rich in history and heritage with its 350 UNESCO listed buildings. Each one more unusual than the next, don’t miss out on discovering them.

We have put together a list of the most important places in the Port de la Lune to visit…

Luminescence: show at the cathedral
Luminescence: show at the cathedral

Saint-André Cathedral, dating from the 12th century, is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture in France. Its imposing spires and magnificent stained glass windows make it a jewel of French heritage.


A former submarine base, the Bassins des Lumières are renowned for their exceptional immersive exhibitions, and the Tintin exhibit is no exception. This is an exceptional opportunity to plunge into the timeless world of this famous reporter and experience his adventures as never before.

The Bordeaux Christmas market
The Bordeaux Christmas market

For this year’s edition of the Marché de Noël, a not-to-be-missed event at the end of the year, Quebec City will be the guest city. A unique experience combining French and Québécois for an even more enchanting Christmas!