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Exterior rear bus cover and interior window


If you are looking for visibility with a cover in Bordeaux-Centre, choose our panoramic double-decker buses or our convertible coaches.

You will have a maximum visibility on the most privileged and frequented roads of the city.


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Bordeaux is rich in history and heritage with its 350 UNESCO listed buildings. Each one more unusual than the next, don’t miss out on discovering them.

We have put together a list of the most important places in the Port de la Lune to visit…

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Exhibition: Dali, the endless enigma
Exhibition: Dali, the endless enigma

In 2023, Basins of Light celebrates the unparalleled and extraordinary work of Salvador Dali. This immersive exhibition presents more than 60 years of work by the Catalan master, who drew inspiration from Cubism, Surrealism and Futurism, becoming a master of the canvas application, bringing reality to life.

The new exhibition “Littoral Aquitain”

Discover the new semi-permanent exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Bordeaux. Come and discover the exhibition “Littoral Aquitain” and the remarkable natural sites of the region.

The new exhibition “Littoral Aquitain”
Discover L’Angélys ice cream parlour
Discover L’Angélys ice cream parlour

L’Angélys is an artisanal ice cream shop located in Bordeaux. They propose you artisanal ice creams made from natural quality ingredients. The range of flavors is inspired by traditional flavors, but they also like to innovate by offering unique and seasonal creations.