What to do
in Bordeaux ?


With its two botanical gardens, the city of Bordeaux has its own little havens of peace. A place to relax while observing the fascinating world of plants. The lush greenery and biodiversity present in these gardens make them places where we like to reconnect with nature. With the seasons, it reveals its forms and colors. These free visits can be done all year round, take the opportunity to discover the different activities in these parks of Bordeaux.


We are passionate about the natural beauty of our beautiful city of Bordeaux and have gathered for you the best places to enjoy this lush nature.

Our blog is your ultimate guide to discovering the most picturesque public gardens in Bordeaux, from the most iconic green spaces to the most secret hidden gardens. We present detailed information about each garden, including the best times to visit, things to do and events not to miss.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax, a playground for the kids or a place to picnic, our blog is your ideal companion to discovering the natural wonders of Bordeaux. We are constantly on the lookout for the best public gardens in the city to offer you an unforgettable natural experience.