Darwin ecosystem, the trendy right bank district

The Darwin district of Bordeaux, also known as the Darwin ecosystem, is located on the site of the former Niel military barracks. A highly successful rehabilitation project, Darwin Eco System in Bordeaux is an innovative place that challenges traditional modes. The former Niel barracks has become the reference in the Bordeaux metropolis in terms of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.




The Darwin district of Bordeaux is located on the site of the former Niel military barracks. This barracks was built in 1874 to regroup various army services previously scattered in different districts of Bordeaux. Among the services that were housed there, we can mention the 57th artillery regiment which was installed in 1995.

After its closure in 2005, the barracks was rehabilitated in 2011 into a place of life, exchange and sharing called Darwin ecosystem. Today, the Darwin district has become a symbol of environmental and social innovation, with numerous green spaces, innovative companies and sustainable development projects.

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The Darwin district in Bordeaux is a sustainable ecosystem deployed on the right bank of the Garonne, in the heart of the future Bastide-Niel eco-neighborhood. The project, called Darwin Ecosystem, was launched in 2011 and aims to create a place to live, work and meet around the issues of sustainable development. It is an experimental place that aims to be exemplary in terms of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

Faced with the current climate issues, the former Niel Darwin barracks has actively responded to the ecological challenges facing us. In addition, the renovation of the wasteland is controlled and uses innovative and ecological techniques (roofing with photovoltaic panels, green energy supplier…).

The district is integrated around the former Niel barracks, which has been rehabilitated to accommodate coworking spaces, shops, restaurants, shared gardens, exhibition and cultural spaces, as well as training and awareness-raising spaces for environmental issues.

The key word at Darwin: circular economy. During the visit, you will discover collaborative workshops, urban agriculture initiatives (permaculture, aquaponics, composting). Numerous associations come together to organize regular events around art, culture or places. The main hangar has organic stores and a restaurant, all near a skatepark.

skateparc darwin bordeaux



The Niel barracks has been rehabilitated and transformed into a shared workspace, called Darwin Ecosystem, which offers coworking spaces for freelancers, self-employed, consultants and small businesses. The space offers a warm and eco-responsible environment, with a focus on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. The Niel barracks building houses a business incubator dedicated to the green economy and sustainable development.

In addition to work spaces, the Niel barracks also houses restaurants, shops, shared gardens, exhibition and cultural spaces, as well as training and awareness-raising spaces on environmental issues.


The common well-being while respecting the environment, that is what is at the heart of the concerns of the Darwin space. It is a place open to all, where everyone can come to recharge their batteries, have lunch, do their shopping or play sports. Every Sunday, the skatepark brings together young and old alike around their common passion.

The bistro-refectory restaurant offers a tasty and local cuisine, even the coffee is roasted on site, all in an exceptional setting. As well as a 100% organic and local grocery store where you can find a wide range of fresh and local products. Many organic stores are waiting for you in this unique place in Gironde.

The Niel barracks in the Bastide district welcomes every year many associations and companies by organizing events within its premises by putting forward a new method of consumption, with among others street food and local beer counters.


Visiting the Darwin eco-system in Bordeaux will allow you to discover an alternative place in the Bordeaux metropolis, which is at the same time a shared workspace, a place for living, meetings, exhibitions and culture focused on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

You can learn more about the history of the Niel barracks, which has been rehabilitated to host this innovative project, as well as about the activities proposed in this ecological and friendly place. Take the time to visit Darwin with a tour guide, who will explain the history of the place.

After visiting the eco-neighborhood, Darwin, take the visiotour bus to enjoy a Bordeaux adventure to discover historical monuments such as the Grand Théâtre, the Cailhau Gate, the Miroir d’ Eau. Would you like to take the time to visit museums? We advise you to visit the Aquitaine museum, a visit you can make with your family. You stay several days in Bordeaux? Discover the Cité du Vin or Cap Sciences.

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