Museum of Aquitaine (Musée d’Aquitaine), the exciting history of the region’s origins

The museum of Aquitaine is the place to visit during a stop-over in Bordeaux! A not-to-be-missed visit to discover the different stories that have forged the region over the centuries and that fascinates young and old alike. Well-preserved relics accompanied by clear explanations introduce visitors to the detailed backgrounds of the city’s history from prehistory to today.



Striking remains from the Aquitaine region

Like all regions of France, Aquitaine possesses a long past which has often been tumultuous. The museum, housed in the former Faculty of Arts and Sciences, allows visitors to discover the remains left by civilisations. The collection is based around three main themes: history, archeology and ethnology.

A permanent collection combined with temporary exhibitions pays tribute to the origins of the region. Historical archives are also available for free use at the museum’s library (during the library’s opening hours).


A fascinating journey through the ages

Starting in Prehistory, the museum introduces us to the origins of the first Aquitaine inhabitants. Each era is approached with a collection of unique objects and artefacts. All significant eras are presented from Antiquity, to the Middle Ages, the modern age, and the twentieth century with its world wars.

Since 2009, an impressive permanent exhibition on the Atlantic commerce and especially the slave trade was created since the port of Bordeaux was one of the main slave ports of France. Throughout the visit, written comments help visitors understand the context and history of the objects and tools on display. The museum invites its visitors to a captivating journey through the heart of these eras.


Unique treasures to admire

The museum’s collection is rich and diverse with over 70,000 unique pieces all linked to the city of Bordeaux. Although the majority of French museums were founded in the 19th century, Bordeaux stands out because the history of the first museums of the city begins in 1594 with an exhibition at the Town Hall of a Roman vestige.

There are all kinds of objects, paintings, sculptures, busts and statues that have survived through the ages, such as a magnificent Herculean bronze found in the Place Saint-Pierre, the Venus de Laussel discovered in the Dordogne or the cenotaph in memory by Michel de Montaigne. It is a memorable collection where each object is a reminder of the impressive history of Aquitaine.


View the museum’s masterpieces

Practical information

Where :

20 cours Pasteur – 33000 Bordeaux
Phone : +33 (0)5 56 01 51 00

Opening hours :

Tuesday to Sunday from 11h00 to 18h00
Closed Mondays and Bank Holidays except 14th July and 15th August
Average visit duration: 2 to 3 hours

Prices :

Entry: 5 €

Accessibility :

The Museum of Aquitaine is accessible to people with reduced mobility


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