Darwin Ecosystem, or the story of an abandoned wasteland

A highly successful rehabilitation project, Darwin Ecosystem is an innovative place that is shaking up traditional ways. The former Niel military barracks have become the Bordeaux model in terms of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.


Place Full of Stories

Before becoming the centre for the sustainable economy, it was a space with a historical past. In 1874, the buildings located near the Queyries quays, comprising of public and general shops at the time, were bought by the State to unify the services of the Army. Indeed, the latter was dispersed across different areas across the city of Bordeaux. During these years, the buildings accommodated many troops. However, in 2015, the former military barracks left completely abandoned, even destined to be destroyed, attracted artists adept at graffiti and street art. All it takes is to raise your eyes to admire the urban artwork.


A Durable Ecosystem

Faced with the current climate challenges, Darwin has responded actively to the environmen-tal challenges that we are confronted with. The renovation of the wasteland is controlled and uses innovative and ecological techniques (such as photovoltaic solar panels for the roofing, supplier of green energy, etc.). The key word for Darwin is Circular Economy. During the vis-it, one can discover collaborative workshops, initiatives in urban agriculture (permaculture, aquaponics, composting), and much more.


A Shared Work Space

Also known as co-working, Darwin is a space for sharing and for friendliness. Small compa-nies, entrepreneurs, and consultants come to work here in a supportive and energising envi-ronment. The building also houses a business incubator dedicated to green economy and sustainable development.


A Space Where It Feels Good to Be

The common well-being of all, while respecting the environment, is at the heart of the concept of this space. It is a place open to all, where everyone can come to relax, have lunch, shop, and even play sports. The bistro-refectory restaurant offers delicious local cuisine; even the coffee is roasted on site, all in an exceptional setting.
There is a 100% organic and local grocery store with a wide range of fresh and local prod-ucts, cosmetics, and anything else that can be found on a shopping list.


Practical information :


87 Quai des Queyries  – 33100 Bordeaux

Opening Hours:

Open Every Day

Entry Fee:

Free Entry


Available Restaurants: restaurant le Bistrot – snack


Groceries 100% organic

Find out more:


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