The exhibition takes you through a labyrinth of stars, planets and nebulae. A unique journey to the edge of the universe.

At the crossroads of anthropology, biology, sociology and history, the “Us and the Others” exhibition is based on the research of human and social science researchers. It offers a curriculum accessible to all, dedicated to deciphering why and how these phenomena occurred at a given moment in social history.

The mechanisms of rejection

In original immersive scenarios, the public is invited to discover the individual and collective mechanisms that lead to the rejection of “the other” and to learn about discrimination in French society today. They were given the keys to understanding, encouraging them to develop their own personal reflection in order to deconstruct the sometimes persistent biases.

The interview is divided into three phases: feeling, knowledge and reflection. The programme is structured to allow the visitor to adjust the theme in stages: from the prologue (what governs us individually) to the epilogue (what we can do about it through individual, collective, institutional action).

This exhibition is adapted from the original version designed and produced by the National Museum of Natural History at the Musée de l’Homme

Exposition Nous et les autres, des préjugés au racisme


Practical information:
Exhibition from 11 May 2022 to 5 February 2023
Museum of Man
5 place Bardineau – 33000 Bordeaux

-Opening hours:

Open 10:30 am – 5:30 pm (Closed on Mondays and public holidays)

-Prices :

Full price – temporary exhibition period €8.00
Full price – outside the temporary exhibition period €6.00
Reduced rate – temporary exhibition period € 4.50
Reduced rate – outside the temporary exhibition period €3.50
6 – 18 years old € 3.50
Students under 26 years old € 2.00

For more information:

Museum of Man

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