The pioneers of Street Art

Les pionniers du Street ArtIn movie theaters, music videos, video games, social networks and galleries. Street art has invaded the global artistic landscape. Long considered a fad associated with the rise of urban culture in the 2000s, the movement has become a global phenomenon, becoming one of the most popular trends in contemporary art today. The ephemeral works of artists such as OBEY, Banksy or Os Géméos are now familiar and are sold at high prices in galleries and auctions. The exhibition “The Pioneers of Street Art” plunges you into the foundations of this movement in France. These artists recognized as icons of street art, equipped with brushes, rudimentary bombs or cutters, have made the street their space of expression.

A time machine that takes us back to the 1950s with Jacques Villeglé, playing with the various posters he came across, tearing them up, putting them down and reframing them. Then came the 1960s with Gérard Zlotykamien’s first ephemera, minimalist figures spray-painted in the streets of Paris. Finally, the giant step, the 80’s, their creative madness and their liberation, Blek le rat, Epsylon, Jean Faucheur, Jef Aérosol, Miss Tic, OX, Speedy Graphito and VLP. The models were raw, the images were violent, these artists laid the foundations that will inspire thousands of artists for decades to come.



Practical information:

Exhibition from October 22, 2022 to April 09, 2023
Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, 16 rue de Tivoli 33000 Bordeaux

Opening hours :

Saturdays and Sundays, from 1pm to 6pm.

Prices :

Full: 9 euros
Reduced : 7 euros

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