The new exhibition “Littoral Aquitain” at the Bordeaux Museum

Littoral AquitainDiscover the new semi-permanent exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Bordeaux. Come and discover the exhibition “Littoral Aquitain” and the remarkable natural sites of the region.

The multitude of natural habitats present on the Aquitaine coastline has contributed to the growth of a varied and unique flora and fauna, which are considerable sources of biodiversity.

The aim of the Bordeaux Museum’s exhibition is to provide a means of getting to know our coastline and what makes it up. The sketches and photos in natura of the species in the collection allow us to approach the landscapes, animals and people who inhabit this environment. You will discover some of the species that you might encounter on a walk between the Pointe de Grave and the Spanish border.

During your visit to the exhibition, you can learn more about the birds that live on the Atlantic coast thanks to the two wall displays. The first is dedicated to the Laridae family, which includes seagulls and gulls. The second is an ornithological guide presented in a rotating display case. Specimens can be selected and brought to your attention using a multimedia terminal.

Practical information:

Semi-permanent exhibition until 31/01/2025

Bordeaux Natural History Museum, 5 place Bardineau – 33000 Bordeaux

Opening hours:

Open from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm. Closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Prices :

Full price: 8 euros
Reduced rate : 4,5 euros

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