La Cité du Vin renews itself with a new exhibition

cité du vinSince its inauguration in 2016, La Cite du Vin has given a new impetus to its permanent exhibition: almost 80% of the exhibition route has been redesigned to offer a more entertaining experience.

La Cite du Vin has collaborated with scenographer Clemence Farell to facilitate the visitor’s journey. The new permanent exhibition allows visitors to discover the incredible adventure of wine through the ages and continents. This exhibition is more entertaining, more impressive and more interactive than ever.

Digital staging in the service of scenic art

This latest exhibition is a truly immersive adventure that plunges visitors into the fascinating world of wine, using digital technology to convey sensations. A 3D projection allows the vineyards to be represented graphically, and an interactive mini-game invites visitors to discover the crushing of grapes (virtually). With careful scenography, well-chosen digital technologies and well-selected content, the experience of the visit is enriched by interactivity.

Digital technology is an important part of the renewal and an in-house designed mobile application accompanies the visitors. It is available in eight languages and contains a transcript for the deaf and hard of hearing. This user-friendly interface gives users access to audio content by bringing their mobile phone close to a symbol placed on the exhibits.

Fun and entertaining workshops

The Fun Workshops can be described as workshops that are enjoyable and have an element of play.

Spread over 3,000 m2, the permanent exhibition explores the history, geography, arts, culture of wine and oenology across time and continents. 18 different thematic areas offer visitors the chance to discover the many facets of this fascinating product. Sections explain production techniques, grape varieties, and the art of serving and tasting wine, accompanied by the latest digital technologies to support the visitor in their discovery.

The 5 Senses Workshops, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the subtle aromas of wines, remain very popular with adults and children. The “Ça tourne” workshop has also been retained, offering a range of cult film scenes related to wine. Among the new features, the “À table” workshop and the animated relief map of the terroirs and appellations of the Bordeaux region vineyards are not to be missed.

Practical information :

Permanent exhibition

Cité du vin, Esplanade de Pontac, 134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Opening hours:

Open every day from 10am to 6pm.

Prices :

Full price: 22 euros
Reduced rate: 9 euros

For more information, visit


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