Insecta Corporation Exhibition

Exposition Insecta CorporationWelcome to… Earth. A small, billion-year-old enterprise, over 10 million species of small animals work together to maintain a viable ecosystem. Sometimes harmful, but most of the time beneficial, come visit the Arboretum and discover how these insects can do the job of the perfect gardener. You will learn more about their particularities, their effects and even their super powers.

High place of biodiversity, botanical gardens serve as sanctuaries for insects in an urban environment. Bees, dragonflies, beetles… the public is invited to learn how to identify these insects and observe their behavior. A tribute to Léon Dufour (1780-1865), naturalist from the Landes region, whose botanical specimens are preserved in the botanical garden and will allow you to discover an atypical assemblage, very rarely shown to the public, while plants and butterflies are exhibited. The theme of biodiversity was addressed through the exhibition “The insects that saved the planet” organized by the Institute for Development (IRD). The insect specimens lent by the Bordeaux Museum allow the public to see the morphological diversity within the same species. The exhibition is illustrated by beautiful photographs by French naturalist Patrick Trécul.



Practical information :

Exhibition from September 13, 2022 to April 2, 2023
Botanical Garden, Esplanade Linné 33100 Bordeaux

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm.

Prices :

8 euros

More information :


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