From 20th June to 20th August, Bordeaux will hoist the colours of “Freedom!”


by being part of a movement that invests in all fields of human empowerment. From the philosophy of the Enlightenment – a movement reflecting a commitment against oppression, obscurity and in favour of progress, the renewal of knowledge and learning – to surfing! Less of an extreme sport than it really is a way of life, it was been practised on the Atlantic coast since the 1950s, and encourages everyone to surpass oneself.


Water as a common thread:

Water, which can be associated with the idea of engulfment, dissolving, submersion, also evokes rebirth and presents itself as the most powerful symbol of creation – not only of the world but of every human being. From the ocean as challenged by Magellan or Christopher Columbus, to the estuary or rivers, where a tidal wave rises, the liberating water, both fluid and powerful, is the material element that structures the 2019 cultural season.

From the opening of the river festival to the closing performance of Bartabas’ Ex Anima, about a hundred presentations will form part of the programme. This is at the heart of the event, in close collaboration with cultural personalities and institutions, with whom artists are invited to share and combine their points of view into an inventive kaleidoscopic vision.

Immediate boarding!

Practical Information


Several places all around Bordeaux !

Dates :

From 20 June to 20 August 2019

More information :



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