Bordeaux: the future “rue Bordelaise”, connecting the station and the riverfront

Last November 14th, the pedestrian street project, also known as “rue Bordelaise”, was presented to the public, linking the Saint-Jean station and the riverfront. A brand new urban development that will offer new shops, housing and offices.


Rue Bordelaise : A Titanic Project

The project was entrusted to the architect Edouard François, who imagined a remarkable walk to connect the station and the Garonne. At the end of this vast walkway, we will land on a monument: the future “Cité du sport, de la santé et du bien-être”, a centre of sport, heath and well-being. The works include restoration of the most beautiful facades, destruction of obsolete buildings and new constructions. 450 million euros will be invested in the construction of this rue Bordelaise.

By 2023, a 300-metre long and 20-metre wide, an imposing route will be built to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. The few million annual passengers of the station will have a pleasant surprise when they arrive: a beautiful view of the Garonne and a stream of shops at their fingertips.


Rue Bordelaise, a second large shopping street

After the street rue Sainte-Catherine and its 1,250 metres length, the street rue Bordelaise will complete these 250 shops on Europe’s longest shopping street.

On the ground floor, 27,000 m² will be entirely dedicated to shops (clothing, beauty, leisure, restaurants, etc.). Enough to expand the range of Bordeaux products and services and delight visitors and residents alike. Another special feature of the project is that new grocery store/restaurant concepts with extended hourly ranges will be introduced.


A renewal of Bordeaux’s real estate

In addition to its economic influence, the pedestrian street also tends to attract companies by offering office space reserved for small and medium-sized businesses to enable them to establish themselves in the economic fabric of the city.

Another important aspect of the project is that 35% of the buildings are dedicated to residential construction. This development will contribute favourably to the growing demand for housing and to the market that has been under pressure for several years in the metropolis.



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